• Transit Imports and Exports in Bonded Area

    Warehoused and transit imports and exports in bonded areas refers to warehoused and transit goods stored into bonded areas and bonded parks for flow of goods from overseas and transported overseas from bonded areas and bonded parks for flow of goods.

    Due to business demands,International traders may peuchage raw materials or goods from country A, then sale them to country B. the fact is we can't transport the goods from country A to country B directly, then we need a transit country or port.but the transit fee in Hong Kong is expensive ,we can use Futian Bonded Area as transit port.

    Futian Bonded Area can provide warehousing, transit,return repair, relabeling, repackaging, simple processing and LCL transport.
  • Export fax refund then import, just need one day

    The preferential policies of Yantian bonded logistics zone brings a lot of convenience for domestic enterprise,who can use " one-day tour of bonded logistics park "instead of" one-day tour of Hong Kong ". so as to reduce the cost of logistics, improve logistics efficiency. Read More >>
  • Return Repair in Futian Bonded Area

    Many export factories and traders may have such problem: when the foreigh clients received the good ,they found the quality or standard are not up to his request ,then they rejected the goods and return to production or maintenance;The packing of the product does not conform to the standard of the local customs import, was forced to return to the packaging or simple processing. Read More >>
  • Case For Distribution

    CompanyBas the national general agent of luxury goods, providing all the luxury goods to the stores in China mainland. They are working with Italian luxury-goods companies and import the goods from Italian to China mainland and directly deliver the goods to the stores.
    Company B asked us to develop a transportation schedule of 20 weekly truckloads of product transported from the distribution center to the stores in China mainland.The schedule and routing requirements were based on the needs of different stores in different places.
    We created a system of "milk runs," in which product is consolidated from multiple vendors at our distribution centers and delivered in bulk on a weekly basis to the stores plants. We will pickup are performed by regional distribution center personnel and consolidated for single truckload delivery, or picked up directly by the truck inbound to their stores.
    The entire program is managed and coordinated from Yourkey`s office. The results we delivered to the customer include: reduced transportation cost, just-in- time delivery to the manufacturing plants, and management of stores relationships. Our customer is now able to get its product to market quicker than ever before.
    Benfits To Client
    Smoother flow of goods to store
    Substantial savings in supply chain and inventory carrying costs significantly reduced cycle times, with most products moved to stores in 1 to 2 days.

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