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Company news

Yourkey Hong Kong Warehouse Services

Our Mission 

• To offer one-stop-shop solutions with our comprehensive setup 

• To offer premium services tailored to our customers’ unique needs 

• To upgrade supply chain management with value-added services 

• To foster long-term relationships with our customers and partners

Scope of Business 

• International air / sea services 

• Shipping agents / Husbandry service / Crew change 

• FCL & LCL consolidation services 

• Multimodal transportation 

• Triangle trade shipments / Transshipments 

• Project shipments 

• Customs clearance / Insurance broker 

• Warehouse & logistics (general cargo & cold storage) 

• Pick and pack services 

• CFS distribution 

• Trucking service / Door-to-door delivery 

• Cross-border truck services (HK-China) 

• Local retail distribution service


The policies contain hard and fast rules and regulations that define the general conduct of the warehouse operation. Examples of the types of policies that organisations will define are as follows:

organisational specific warehouse management policy and procedures guideline outline

health and safety

human resources management


pest control

warehouse maintenance and cleaning

quality control

record keeping and reporting

reverse logistics – Return of goods and exit strategy in the event of downscaling or shutting down operations

disposal of obsolete and damaged goods.


The procedures' document defines step by step how the activities in the warehouse should be carried out and clearly defines the processes to be adopted. These can be adopted as ‘best practice’.

The procedures provide visibility of the operations for managers and donors.

However, in creating such procedures, care must be taken to avoid constraining the use of local initiative which might be required to deal with local conditions. Procedures should be considered as streamlining the business processes and providing checks and balances. They provide guidance to warehouse managers and must have some level of flexibility to cater to unique situations. This can be achieved by limiting the level of detail that the procedures document defines, allowing more flexibility and/or by arranging ‘dispensations’ to allow departure from the procedures in order to optimise local performance, especially in emergencies.

The procedures will normally provide the step by step guidance on how to manage each aspect of warehousing and may cover:

receiving and issuing of supplies;

quality control or verification;

storage of goods;

how to control stock movement (stock control);

documentation flow;

how to detect and deal with stock losses;

how rejected material will be managed; and

how to deal with unwanted material, obsolete and scrap, disposal.

Other value-added services at YOURKEY warehouses 

• Barcode reading 

• Pick & pack 

• Palletizing 

• Packaging & re-packing 

• Quality inspection

• 160,000 sq. ft. 

• 24,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled storage 

• Multi-stack racks system 

• 25 loading bays 

• Automatic sprinkler system 

• 24x7 security 

• CCTV surveillance

Our Retail Expertise 

Our vast experience in distribution management means your 

needs are always carefully looked after 

• Dedicated account managers experienced in retail 


• A strong fleet of cross-border, reefer, climate-controlled 

and enhanced shock-absorption trucks 

• Daily shipment tracking service – at no additional cost 

• Accurate inventory information 

• Delivery made on time, every time 

• Value-added service, e.g. co-packing, at your disposal

Legal Considerations 

Leasing Temporary Warehouses/Contracting. 

The common practice in emergencies is to lease or rent, not purchase warehouses. In this situation, there is often a shortage of suitable buildings or locations for warehouse space and this can often cause the costs to increase significantly. Therefore, it is often necessary to utilise temporary warehouse space for as short a time a possible. 

Care must be taken with the drawing up of the lease agreement (See Warehouse Rental Contract sample) with the owner. The following items are basic inclusions and in a lease agreement: 

the cost for the lease; 

the duration of the lease agreement; 

exit clause: the period of notice required for terminating or extending the lease period. Confirmation of the existence of property insurance, covering third-party, fire, water damage, window breakage, etc; 

details of any security arrangements; 

a detailed inventory of any equipment, fixtures and fitting included with the building and detailed description of their condition; 

confirmation of either sole tenancy or details of other tenants; 

information about the ground or floor strength per square metre; 

the weight capacity of any equipment such as forklifts, racks and shelves; 

in situations where neutrality is important, care must be taken to establish the actual owner of the building, which might be different from the ‘lessor’ of the building e.g. the military, religious groups or government; 

force mature; 

indemnity; and 


We take pride in having the setup and capabilities of a sizable provider, yet we always operate with the mindset of small firmi-attentive,agile and always there for you.

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