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Industry News

US and Chinese delivery giants form partnership

May 29, 2017News

UPS and SF Holding, the parent company of SF Express, have announced plans to establish a joint venture through which the pair will develop and provide international delivery services, initially from China to the US with plans to add other destinations later.

“UPS is excited to form a joint venture with SF,” said Ross McCullough, President of UPS Asia Pacific. “This joint venture will support products that provide competitive benefits to our Chinese customers who trade or seek to trade internationally.

Alan Wong, Group Vice President, SF, added, “China is leading the world in terms of e-commerce market size, growth, penetration and mobile business usage. Coupled with a rapidly growing and internet-savvy consumer base, it’s imperative that SF and UPS collaborate to revolutionize the logistics sector.  Together, we aim to bring greater competitive advantages to our customers in China, to succeed globally.”

The joint venture is subject to regulatory approval.

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